Banned on the Run, Day 76 – the pleasures of toe sucking

Day 76 Tuesday 25/8/20 Darlington Beach, sunny 20

Hear ye, Hear Ye, a day of great excitement. The repairman from ABCO arrives just after 8:00am to fit the new bathroom roof hatch. He’s swift and agile, climbs ladders better than us and quickly has a new hatch in which makes the bathroom so much brighter. It is surprising how quickly UV yellows plastic.

After having seen an ad for Earworx on TV last night, we make an appointment and zip into Coffs Harbour to see them at 1:30. The audiologist uses micro suction to vacuum Woody’s ears and makes a little improvement. Another appointment is scheduled for next week.

We buy local avocados and bananas and return to camp to find an ecstatic Elle. They were reading in the sun while a kangaroo licked Elle’s toes and El Prado patted another. Wow that makes up for having to wash roo poo out of the door mat.

After dinner we fire the diesel heater up to give it a run, but it won’t heat and flashes 3 lights. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

Toe sucking adds to the Kindle experience

11 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 76 – the pleasures of toe sucking

  1. We haven’t managed to get away in our Camper-trailer this year BUT we have:
    replaced the battery that wouldn’t charge
    replaced the faulty energy management system connected to solar panels/battery etc
    organized for someone to come and fix a brake or bearings on one wheel
    noticed we have a leaking strut
    It’s always frustrating when things start conspiring to thwart us. 🙂


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