Banned on the Run, Day 99 – Trimming

Day 99 Thursday 17/9/20 Mylestom, warm 24

There’s no point in rushing home, there’s no AFL Grand Final in Melbourne, no hype and hoopla.

Hairdressers in Melbourne won’t be opening until late October at the earliest so we book appointments with Anthony at A Flair for Hair in Urunga to get trimmed up. Anthony is a nice bloke and he tells us that the town is busier than normal. We’re not the only ones ‘locked’ in NSW.

Back at camp it’s time for another long walk on the beach.

Bugger! I just squirted lemon juice on the bed while marinating the chicken.

In Victoria they’ve introduced a $5000 fine for Melburnians travelling to regional Victoria. Ouch.

Shopfront mural, Urunga, NSW

5 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 99 – Trimming

  1. $5000 Fine,The Victorian Labor Party Don’t know how to fix the situation that they caused with the Hotel stuff up, so they have had to resort to stand over tactics to control the population.


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