Banned on the Run, Day 100 – Is it 100 days already?

Day 100 Friday 18/9/20 Mylestom, sunny 24

The internet is poor here. Mostly one bar and it often drops out. Our best option is to use it early in the morning. Funnily enough we get two bars of reception on the beach. Perhaps we should park the van above the high tide mark.

In the afternoon we drive around Repton and find the “Old Coast Road”. A gravel road crosses a narrow wooden bridge and winds into the tall timber of the Bongil Bongil National Park. I wonder if this is the original Sydney Brisbane road?

Next there’s Raleigh to explore. A dairying community with a large milk factory and a winery on the south bank of the Bellinger River. We follow Yellow Rock Road along the river until it meets the Kalang river and into Urunga where we find an oyster and seafood supply.

Not done we cross a hump backed wooden one lane bridge onto Newry Island where large homes have even larger expanses of lawn and river frontages.

Happy hour is at our new local, the Mylestom Bowlo.

QLD opens its borders to ACT fly in visitors. Our concern is for the large population who live straddling the QLD/NSW border whose daily activities are currently hamstrung.

Newry Island and this one is for sale, any takers?

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