Banned on the Run, Day 105 – Talking turkey…

Day 105 Wednesday 23/9/20 Mylestom, warm 26

I’m processing a few photos when I hear banging outside. I look out the window to find a brush turkey beating the hell out of a zip lock bag of bread that I’d left on the table earlier. I chase after him and he takes off, bag in beak, strong legs pounding across the park.

Woody goes for a long walk along the river while listening to a podcast when a chap on a first floor veranda calls out to him. The guy had been hosing his veranda when the top door had locked behind him. One can only imagine the shouting that was going on as Woody has been having hearing problems and he has earbuds in as well. Woody must enter the house through the unlocked front door, run up the stairs and unlock the upstairs door from the inside to then free the poor bugger.

The Prado’s have sprung a leak in a water hose under the van, more entertainment.

I’m always intrigued with the treasures that the ocean offers up. Today the tide line is a dirty brown. Upon inspection it turns out to be millions of dead insects, I think more than a few of those ended up in our van overnight too.

Vic Covid case number is back down to 15.

We may as well stay until Xmas, we have turkey on the table!

2 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 105 – Talking turkey…

  1. The guy locked out must have been getting quite desperate especially with Woody “ignoring him” for so long. Did you manage to retrieve your bread from the Bush Turkey?


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