Banned on the Run, Day 104 – Finding peace

Day 104 Tuesday 22/9/20 Mylestom, hot 30

Needless to say, it was a hot night with some rain and by 9:00am it’s already 20 degrees. It’s hair colour day again. Have I mentioned the state of the internet and phones here?

We take a short drive down to Macksville for another of their great lunches before we leave this coast. Sorry VeeWee you missed out on a return visit, this time. Elle is hanging for one of their Mexican Parmies and can’t stop talking about how good the last one was. We arrive to find that the menu was changed to Spring only this morning. The food is still good though.

I spend the afternoon running back and forth trying to photograph bee eaters. I wonder what the residents opposite must think of this old duck darting about the bush with a camera?

I grab a moment of pure tranquility on the beach watching the salt haze which looks like fog against the distant mountain, the fishermen and tiny crabs kicking sand from their holes. This is what peace is.

Tonight we have the warmest happy hour of the trip. Taste testing dim sims and dumplings we lament that we didn’t have the roast dinner tonight instead of last night “When the sky fell in” as Elle put it.

QLD is to include some Northern Rivers councils in their border bubble. What a coincidence that school holidays are starting at the end of the week.

SA is to open up to NSW. VIC cases have gone up again this time to 28.

Salt haze on North Beach, Mylestom, NSW

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