It’s a long way to the top, Day 3 – wining a lot

Day 3 Sunday June 8th 2014 Healesville (Badger Creek)

We wake to a beautiful chilly morning and rush off to find the local market, but there is none. The coffee shop proprietor sends us on a wild goose chase to Chateau Yering winery but we buy some goodies from their shop anyway.  We visit Train Trak wines then wander captivated through the antique shop at Yarra Glen. It is an absolute paradise of nostalgia. A cold beer at the Yarra Glen pub revives us for the return to camp. We have another game of Klop beside the lake and this time CD comes up trumps. We play cards and devour CD’s meat pie for dinner.

2020 Note: Bloody hell Day 3 and we’re still in outer Melbourne! And I thought that we were travelling slower nowadays. Of course back in 2014 I didn’t take a second ‘people free’ photo as I wasn’t blogging so you’ll have to bear with a portrait shot here.

Yarra Valley a wintry delight of vineyards and hills

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