It’s a long way to the top, Day 12 – Just Jamming at Urunga

Day 12 Tuesday June 17th 2014 Urunga

The seaside town of Sawtell is situated between two creeks just south of Coffs Harbour. In the 1940’s the locals built a wide main street and planted Moreton Bay Fig trees along the centre strip in an effort to stop the sand dunes from encroaching on the town. It worked and now the town is beautifully shaded by these now huge trees.

At Coffs Harbour we visit the lookout and the harbour is sparkling in the sun. We walk along the breakwater and buy fish at the co-op.

Woody volunteers to do the washing when our neighbour Leo organises a jam session, Leo plays guitar, Peter plays Tahitian Ukulele and I drag out my two ukes from under the bed. Yippee, like-minded souls. 

Travelling Kms: 0

Sawtell, those trees have done a good job
Bonville Creek mouth, Sawtell
The surf curls in at Coffs Harbour

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