It’s a long way to the top, Day 32 – Cape Tribulation

Day 32 Monday July 7th 2014 Port Douglas

Woody takes the Jeep to a local mechanic for assessment and it is found that the alternator has failed. Another one will have to be shipped up from Melbourne. Bob the mechanic can’t do the job but offers to charge up the battery so that we can take it to Ireland’s the Jeep dealership in Cairns tomorrow. Ironically the Jeep Commander owner we met in the caravan park in Mackay had recommended Ireland’s and we were going to have it serviced there in any case.

We hire a car and drive to Mossman Gorge. The facilities at the gorge have been upgraded and one is now ferried by bus from the car park to the gorge. Somehow, I think this is more about making sure that we walk through the new gift shop and cafe than caring for the environment.

The crystal clear water of Mossman Gorge

We have a wander about the little town of Daintree then take the barge across to the National Park where we have lunch at the cafe on the sand at Thornton Beach. Continuing on up to Cape Tribulation, a full length walk of the beach is sublime. There is a silvery mineral in the sand and it shimmers in the sun.

The ferry crossing to Daintree National Park. That water looks good enough for a swim but is notorious for crocodiles.
Slow down for Cassowaries!
Shimmering in the sun, the beach at Cape Tribulation

Returning south it’s a cold drink at the Mossman Hotel before returning to Port Douglas and dinner on the upstairs deck at The Courty (Courthouse Hotel) a perfect finish to the day. 

Travelling Kms: 0

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