It’s a long way to the top, Day 36 – We’ve got wheels again

Day 36 Friday July 11th 2014 Port Douglas

Woody catches a bus into Cairns to pick up the Jeep and $2400 later we have it back on the road. Surprisingly, the cost covered a major service as well as replacing the alternator. In fact, Bob had quoted us $1100 for the alternator and over $2000 for the alternator and installation. As Bob had many teeth missing perhaps he wanted to finance some future dental work?

About four vans down from us there is a caravan with a monstrous bra hanging from the clothes hoist. Clothes come and go, but the bra stays. I wonder if they’re using it as a satellite dish? It’d probably only pick up the soap operas. And speaking of clothes, being short on van space the young French guys beside us leave all their clothes hanging on their chairs, even when it rains. There is a suit coat that is regularly being laundered Al Fresco.

Clothes and beers, a curious sight from our kitchen window

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