It’s a long way to the top, Day 95 – Sawtell

Day 95 Sunday Sep 7th 2014 Sapphire Beach to Sawtell

The Best Man and M head off early on their way home, inland via Tamworth. We pack up in the rain and brace ourselves for the long drive to Sawtell which takes us all of 20 minutes and most of that is in negotiating the Aldi car park in Coffs Harbour.

The Sawtell Beach Holiday Park is a priceless gem. There are large grassy sites and clumps of melaleucas for shade. It borders the Bonville Creek and the beach. Birdlife abounds, lorikeets, brush turkeys, currawongs, whip birds and more. The park is barely a minute’s walk from Sawtell village with its boutiques and cafes.

Woody the Elder and The Very Good Golfer are happily settled in a fabulous cabin overlooking the ocean and as we prepare dinner on the deck we are besieged by cheeky lorikeets.

Towing Kms: 22Kms

Bonville Creek nearing the ocean, Sawtell, NSW

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