The Western Districts, Day 2 – Ironing fish

Day 2 Tuesday 17/11/20 Winchelsea to Meredith Park, Still Windy 19

We’re woken by the bloody corellas stirring. It’s a short drive to Colac. We need to buy a new tidy bin as one of us has accidentally thrown ours away. How can you bin the bin? I dunno, but we are getting forgetful. We pick up some meat at the butcher and the three of us have a coffee in the sun. Another ukulele lady spots my T shirt and we lament the fact that we can’t play in public due to Covid restrictions. God, we miss it.

We setup on Lake Colac at Meredith Park. The wind is still blowing off the lake so we shelter inside until others start arriving which makes it a good chance to devour the last of the Great Pyramid that was last night’s parmie. It’s even better cold.

Toothless and his Missus have been dashing about the state in post lockdown excitement and they’re followed by the W’s. The wind eases and there’s a lot of news to catch up on. We yack for hours. Down on the lakeshore our neighbours catch carp and scale them on ironing boards. Now that’s ingenious.

The lads doing a bit of ironing, no fish scaling while a hungry pelican waits

Note: Toothless and his Missus had been so keen to get away after the 2nd lockdown that they’d camped overnight inside their van at their son in law’s factory waiting for the 25Km limit to be lifted (that must have been a funny happy hour). The fishermen tell us that their Korean mate has a great recipe for carp and cooks up all they can catch.

Accom: 0

Traveling Kms: 39Kms

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