The Western Districts, Day 9 – The Cavendish of old

Day 9 Tuesday 24/11/20 Cavendish, part cloud 23

It’s nice to have a very long sleep in, there’s no hurry, the air is fresh with eucalyptus and we’re breakfasting, reading papers and slurping coffee in a circle around the unlit fire. Birds tweet, chirp, warble and squawk and flies buzz as the day warms. Why is it that the raucous squawk of a cockie can be so comforting?

There’s even time for a haircut for Toothless

A walk across the Wannon River bridge takes us into town and along the Settler’s Walk, the old gaol from 1862 and the relocated settler’s cottage.

Settler’s cottage, Cavendish
The old Cavendish Gaol
Through the gums, sheep graze by an old timber bridge over the Wannon

In the evening we light the fire and cook vegie fritters on the griddle. We had hoped to have a meal at the pub here (The Bunyip Hotel) but being somewhat of a ‘gastro pub’ they only open later in the week and on weekends for the harried.

Accom: $15.00

Travelling Kms: 0

Note: As in gastronomic, not ‘oh the poor bugger’s got gastro!’ 

3 thoughts on “The Western Districts, Day 9 – The Cavendish of old

  1. Looks like another world to me, so quaint and historic. What a trip so far. Also seems so strange to us here as we are completely locked down with no travel allowed and everything closed.


    1. We just take what comes now. We went away on a club muster 3 weeks ago, a 5 day Stage 4 lockdown was called, we dashed home hunkered down for 5 days staring at the Tele then returned to the countryside and continued our journey. Weird has become normal eh.

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