The Western Districts, Day 11 – Crop Dusters and Hay Rakes

Day 11 Thursday 26/11/20 Lake Bolac, windy 22

We have a slow start this morning as it’s cold and windy. A caravan parks near VeeWee and later in the day they and she, realise that they’re her neighbours a few doors from home.

A crop duster does heart stopping swoops over our campground to drop pesticide on the wheat paddock behind us. For an hour or more we are entertained by his exhilarating low-level flying. An old farmer drops by to watch and tells us that the wheat will be harvested next week.

Wheatfield Lake Bolac

Whilst the plane buzzes a couple from Bombala in south eastern NSW drop in to eat lunch by the lake. They’ve bought a second hand Italian hay rake in Hamilton and are setting out on the return journey with nearly 750Kms to go.

The hay rake on its way to NSW

As the breeze stiffens from the west, we share travel stories over happy hour with VeeWee’s entertaining neighbours. There’s barely a dull moment in this caravanning caper.

Accom: 0

Travelling Kms: 0

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