The Western Districts, Day 12 – Lake Bolac to Terang

Sunrise Lake Bolac

Gosh it’s an interesting drive down to Mortlake. There are sheep and wheat paddocks, little volcanoes and charming homesteads.

We stop for a walk around this historic town of bluestone buildings and rose gardens and on El Prado’s insistence we buy pies at Clarke’s Bakery. Yet another surprise for VeeWee as she runs into 3 Glamper Girls ladies that she travelled with only a few weeks ago.

Back on the road there are some excellent examples of dry-stone walls and grand homes then tiny Noorat, the home of author Alan Marshall. Terang is only a few kilometres away with its wide streets, an avenue of English Oaks and more grand buildings.

The Lions Club run the caravan park and it is a tiny flower filled delight with lush lawns and a cheeky old caretaker who has been in residence for 22 years. We learn that the talented gardener is also a resident with 21 years under his belt.

Our boys decide that they should check out the pub before booking tomorrow night’s dinner not to be outdone we girls have a sparkling rose in the pleasantly air-conditioned camp kitchen.

The evening cools, thankfully, and we have dinner outside on that thick green lawn.

Accom: $25.00

Travelling Kms: 66Kms

Presbyterian Church, Terang

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