Like a Rollingstone, Day 28 – Losing myself in art in a coal town

Day 28 Monday, 6/6/2016, Emerald, a pleasant 24 degrees

Emerald is a coal mining and agricultural town and it’s been nice to have four days here. There is plenty to see and a nicer town would be hard to find. We catch up on our chores and dry out the wet spot on the car floor. Mysteriously it is now on the drivers’ side and the hair dryer is spending more time drying carpet than hair.

This is also an arty town and today I visit the east side of the Botanic Gardens to see the artworks dotted through the bushland. I lose my map, get totally lost and hope to hell that my sense of direction will get me out as there are 6 kms of walking trails through dense plantings of bushland and rainforest. Hundreds of black and white butterflies flit through the rainforest and fruit bats hang about chattering in the trees above. Every which way there is something eye catching and inspiring like the bush church just standing stones with a simple cross.

Towing Kms: 0

The bush chapel, Botanic Gardens, Emerald, Qld

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