Like a Rollingstone, Day 82 – Kingaroy the Peanut Capital

Day 82 Saturday, 30/7/2016, Murgon to Kingaroy, brisk and clear

There’s a caravan repair guy called Denis in Kingaroy so that pretty much sets the plan for today otherwise we could have crawled very slowly along this road. The old Wondai Railway Station is a free camp across the road from the pub and shops. Tiny Wooroolin grows peanuts and has a free camp beside a large wetland.

Denis works from his home on a wooded hillside overlooking the red soil and patchwork quilt of farms of Kingaroy. He quickly rams more screws into our door frame than we’ll ever need and gives us an overview of his politics at the same time. A whip bird is calling shrilly in the trees.

We set up at the Kingaroy Showgrounds and sadly for me we just miss this week’s poultry judging (damn I love a good bantam) but we find a few pregnant sheep eating pumpkins instead. The camp is a hive of activity, vans and tents with families in town just for the weekend. Obviously, Kingaroy is the hot spot of the district.

Sadly, we can’t find anything busier than the Showgrounds and the Peanut Van. There are three large silos supposedly full of peanuts and more packed with navy beans (yep, this is also the baked bean capital of Australia. Funny how they only talk about the peanuts isn’t it?)

Back to our troubles, the door frame is very firm, but we can only keep the door closed by actually locking it.

Towing Kms: 46Kms

In amongst the show halls, Kingaroy Showgrounds

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