Like a Rollingstone, Day 96 – 98 – Nesting

Day 96-98 Saturday to Monday 13/8/2016 – 15/8/2016, Burleigh Heads

Ergh, we’re so hungover we don’t even notice Mrs Curlew laying an egg outside our van. Those damn birds have got it in for me. Neighbours all pass the egg amongst themselves muttering that the hen will disown it if it has been handled. Which leaves me wondering why they’re all handling it in the first place.

We brave the weekend traffic and visit the Mirage shops at Southport before a Chinese dinner with Woody the Elder and The very good Golfer at Miami Rice.

I join my sister in law’s book club for a wonderful afternoon. A bunch of lovely ladies, a glass of wine in the sun, piles of books being dragged out of bags of all descriptions and a jolly good laugh on how murder, sex and war is or should be handled.

Mrs Curlew and her egg disappear, did I hear Dominic next door talking about eggs and bacon for breakfast?

Woody takes the car up to CJD the Jeep specialist in Helensvale and we finally have an answer on why the yellow light keeps coming on. We have a fault in the device that cools the exhaust gases. Now we wait for the part to arrive from Melbourne. Déjà vu.

In the meantime, I’m walking my legs off.

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