Like a Rollingstone, Day 99 – 102 – An anxious wait

Day 99-102, Tuesday – Friday 16 – 19/8/2016 Burleigh Heads

On Wednesday, the car part arrives but it is the wrong one. We’re now relying on the new part to arrive and to be fitted on Friday or else we have to drive home very slowly. 

We have a $10 pot and Parma at the Burleigh Heads pub with the park crew. So? You may say. Well in WA the pot alone costs ten dollars! The cost of drinking is cheaper on the east coast.

And on Friday we drop the car off hopeful that the part will arrive. We go off shopping with Woody the Elder and the very good Golfer with fingers crossed. Thankfully, the part arrives and it is the correct one and it has been installed. We can drive home at our own pace.

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