Like a rollingstone, Day 106 – Uralla to Coonabarabran

Day 106 Tuesday 23/8/2016, Uralla to Coonabarabran, wet, cool, 15

We had a lot of rain overnight and the park is muddy and puddled.

We decide to head as far west as we can to avoid the bad weather that is putting paid to any plans of free camping.

It rains all the way to Tamworth but the rain doesn’t stop us from having a stroll along gorgeous Peel Street. Well paved, treed, antique streetlights and statues of country music greats. Vibrant and colourful it’s a reminder to other country towns that you don’t have to sell your soul to shopping mall developments.

Stopping for a bite to eat in Gunnedah it is uplifting to find poetry on the back of the public toilet doors. Yes, you can even choose your poet as each door is named. Why the poetry, well Dorothea Mackellar of ‘My Country’ fame spent a lot of time in this town, her family once owned properties here.

We had hoped to get to Gulargambone but the road is closed due to bad weather, so it’s another night in a rather tired highway caravan park.

Towing Kms: 263Kms

So much better than reading about which of the locals give good sex


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