Like a Rollingstone, Day 107 Coonabarabran to West Wyalong

Day 107 Wednesday 24/8/2016, Coonabarabran to West Wyalong, constant rain 10 – 13 degrees

Our plans to out drive the weather have been thwarted. It appears that all of NSW & Qld have been hit by another wet patch. But at least we have options, our mates the W’s are stuck in Birdsville with all roads closed. It’s too cold to free camp, too muddy for farmstays, and too wet to sightsee so we’ve decided to head for home.

Dubbo town centre has a good feel, brick paving and a band stand in the town square. It’s pleasant to hug a warm coffee in the window of a cosy cafe. Outside there are bare trees and people are in winter woollies.

The brightest thing on today’s drive is the canola, acres of it. It would be stunning if only the sun would shine. On the radio we listen to the local funeral announcements and the lost and found: “well trained rainbow lorikeets found in the Dubbo area”. “A husky like dog with one brown eye and one blue” and “found a gold and diamond ring”, how could you not know you’d lost that!

It rains all bloody day and when we check into a caravan park in West Wyalong we find that the leak over the bed head is back. Bugger!

Towing Kms: 401Kms

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