Capricorn Dancers, Day 19 – Esk

Day 19 Monday 14/6/21 Somerset Dam, fog sunny 5 – something nice

This is one of those rare places where we can lie in bed with the blind open (there’s only one other van in this section of the park) and look at the fog shrouded tree trunks.

Somerset Park in the fog

Esk is on the western side of Wivenhoe Dam. It’s an interesting town with some iconic Queenslander architecture and a pub that looks inviting. But, as always when we find a good pub it’s Monday and lunch isn’t on today. Bloody Monday. There’s a new housing estate on the edge of town and the place is humming. A large frilly white Queenslander is a busy cafe. People are dining in the garden and on the wide veranda while lorikeets hang upside down from the guttering chattering like colourful clowns. We buy another bag of wood in town and this time pay only $10. At this rate they’ll be giving it away in a few days! A bloke on the street wishes us a nice day and when we reciprocate he tells us he already has as he just won $800.

We feel like we’re surrounded by dams but we’ve barely seen any water. With this in mind we venture up the hill to Somerset Dam Village which is a mix of ‘hydro houses’ turned weekenders and colourful shacks. The road is narrow and winding and we now get a good view of the dam wall and the lake beyond. It’s a perfectly still day with good reflections there’s a broad boat ramp, lawns and picnic tables. Ducks and pelicans cast wakes on the water.

Back at camp the river has risen as more water has been released. We light a fire and cook a salmon stir fry.

Accom: $23.00

Towing Kms: 0

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