Capricorn Dancers, Day 20 – Somerset Dam Village

Day 20 Tuesday 15/6/21 Somerset Dam, fog, thunderstorms 8-19

We wake to another misty morning. I’m just thinking of putting a bit of washing out later when a quick glance at the weather radar shows heavy rain approaching soon, really soon. I guess we’ve been a bit cocooned by not having TV and limiting our device use. The week of good weather has obviously turned to shite. As quick as the storm arrives it clears and the sun brings warmth. The grass dries in minutes and puddles disappear.

Rainy not a day for handwashing

Still in gum boots we walk around Somerset village and are captivated by the diverse collection of homes and holiday shacks. The local hall, Coronation Hall was designed by the dam wall engineer. Originally called Jubilee Hall it was renamed for the forthcoming coronation of Edward VIII. Of course, Edward abdicated before the Coronation took place but the hall name remained. The large hall has recently been revamped with a cheery red trim and with a mini me book library out front.

By the way there’s only one shop in Somerset village, the general store called The Dam Shed.

It rains on and off until 4:00pm. We drive up to the dam to get some evening shots but it’s a little gloomy. We return to light the fire and watch the valley turn pink. New neighbours arrive late and join us by the fire. They’re still working and thus in a hurry to get everywhere. We just about fall off our chairs when they mention that their next stop is Broken Hill! I doubt they’ll be seeing much other than the dashboard.

We eat Woody’s cottage pie by the fire.

Accom: $23.00

Towing Kms: 0


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