Capricorn Dancers, Day 68 – The cycle of life for a turkey

Day 68 Monday 2/8/21 Mulambin, sunny 26

It is another glorious day. This could become addictive. We drive to the Rosslyn Bay marina and buy prawns from the fish shop. Woody walks back while I dilly dally. From the Double Head National Park the views are expansive and a woman points out that there is a turkey mound in the scrub nearby. I’m excited. The beach below, Kemp Beach is a protected arc of sand with only a few people to be seen.

A turkey mound, it would take a lot of kicking and scratching to build this.

Our emu visits the park again.

Elle has been researching how we’ll get through NSW to Victoria and is told that the rule of crossing that state in 24 hours does indeed apply. D and K (the ones who had their caravan written off by a road grader) ring to say that they managed to cross NSW within the timeframe but there was no one on the border to check them anyway. Thus, we’re in two minds as to whether to stay or go home when our booking here runs out. We’re in no hurry but don’t want to get stuck if the situation gets worse. The Prado’s on the other hand have a wedding to go to and a house to sell.

Blimey, is that an emu behind the van love?

The mozzies almost carry us away.

Accom 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Note: Male brush turkeys build very large nests to attract females, who after laying their eggs shoot through to find another poor unsuspecting mate. You guessed it, the males spend their days guarding and regulating the heat of the nest until the chicks hatch.

How could she leave a good looking rooster like this?

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