Capricorn Dancers, Days 70 & 71 – Spaghetti?

Day 70 Wednesday 4/8/21 Mulambin, sunny 24

It’s cleaning day. Woody goes shopping in Emu Park, I think he just enjoys the drive. I do a bit of photo editing and the Prado’s discover that friends of theirs are in the park. Is there anyone in this park that they don’t know? Funnily enough these friends are also invited to the forthcoming wedding in Victoria which is becoming more doubtful by the day.

We have a delightful dinner under the stars / awning at the Nuthin’ van, they cook a huge pot of spaghetti, Elle bakes garlic bread and Woody, berries and ice cream, so that’s why he went to Emu Park. The neighbour in the next van drops in to tell us that she’s bought a house up on the hill behind Yeppoon, a pole house surrounded by palms with a view of the coast. After having been on the road with the kids for quite some time and a husband trying to work in lockdown in various locations around the world, they are finally settling here and love the vibe.

Accom 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

We spotted this wonderful ‘smart seat’ in Yeppoon. It is solar powered and you can plug your devices in for a quick charge while you relax. We’re still wondering why it was situated under a nice shady tree though.

Day 71 Thursday 5/8/21 Mulambin, sunny 22

Ernie the emu is around looking for nibbles again and a honeyeater hangs from the guy ropes squawking until he is fed, returning every few minutes for more. I think we are feeding his whole damned family. Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple go golfing and we meet them at the Pacific Hotel for lunch. Woody walks halfway home meeting me on Lammermoor Beach.

Remember that big pot of spaghetti that the Nuthin’s cooked up for dinner last night? Well, they had plenty left over. Enough for next day which they dutifully packed away while enjoying a red. They woke this morning contented in the knowledge that dinner was taken care of….but, where is it? It’s not in the fridge. Have they had a senior’s moment? It’s not even in the bathroom cupboard, though why they’d look there defies us. Oh, there it is in the Waeco fridge in the back of the car. Seniors and booze it’s a dangerous combination isn’t it? Did I hear someone say “Don’t tell the kids or they’ll take our booze away”?

Accom 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

There he goes, pounding the sand.

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