Capricorn Dancers, Day 72 – Compare the hair

Day 72 Friday 6/8/21 Mulambin, cloudy 20

Hands laden with the makings of an alfresco breakfast Woody nudges the door open to be greeted face to face by Ernie the emu! I’m in bed, sheets up to my chin as he’s shouting “Jesus, there’s an emu out here!”

After breakfast he, Woody that is, drives into town for a haircut and returns vowing not to leave the car…for at least two weeks. He’s been given a modern look of shaved sides and long on top. When I ask if the barber was young he replies “No, she was a lesbian!” Leaving me trying to get my head around his shaved noggin, sexual preferences and age.

Today I walk along tiny Cooee Beach. It is overcast and a little cool. The sea is grey. A wedding is about to start at the surf club and girls are arriving in flimsy shoestring dresses. The poor things will freeze.

We have a lovely pink sunset, I hope they capture that in the wedding photos.

Giving the air fryer a well-earned break we cook bacon chops in a mustard and marmalade sauce. Yeah, I know, it sounds awful but it really tastes great. Bacon Chops seem to be a Qld thing that we rarely see in Melbourne so we always make a point of cooking them when up here.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Crikey, that hair looks familiar

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