Capricorn Dancers, Day 73 – I’ll be with you in a minute

Day 73 Saturday 7/8/21 Mulambin, sunny 22

We are constantly hearing worrying stories of older grey nomads making the dash through NSW to get home to Victoria. If only the government would allow them an extra day it would be much safer. We decide to extend our booking again until Aug 25th.

Walking the park, I spot a woman cutting her husband’s hair in the sun, with Ernie the emu sitting in front of the husband looking as though he is waiting his turn for a trim.

We have a quiet day lazing in the sun with the emu while Double or Nuthin’ run off to a house inspection. We’re getting concerned about those two. They’ll be booking the removalists next.

VeeWee arrives at the dog friendly park down the road at Kinka Beach and we bundle into the car, grab a pizza and eat in the Emu Park war memorial park. It is a mild evening, bats chatter in the trees almost as much as we do and the sea crashes loudly below us.

On the Covid front, Melbourne records 29 cases and NSW 319, the city of Armidale in New England goes into lockdown.

Accom 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Just a quick trim? I’ll be with you in a minute.

6 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 73 – I’ll be with you in a minute

    1. Ha no it did not! I was sitting here quietly enjoying my morning breakfast routine and catching up on blog reading when the whole house started rattling. So much so that it even got Woody off Facebook! I was surprised how long it went for and the strongest we’ve felt. Thankfully the epicentre was up in the Victorian high country otherwise it would have been a different outcome. Cheers Derrick.

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  1. Love the photo with the patient emu!
    I know what you mean by a mad dash made by vulnerable seniors. In the spring of 2020, the Canadian Government said that Canadian ‘snowbirds’ in the USA should leave their winter residences and return to Canada quickly because the border was going to be closed. Many seniors packed up their RV’s and headed home, many through the snow of early spring.
    My husband, a practical man, said there was no way that the Canadian Government could stop a Canadian from returning to Canada even if the border was closed, so we stayed in the USA for another couple months. He was right (but I did the research to make sure he was right, of course!) Most of the individual states we had to drive home through said we could only stay for one night while in transit – otherwise we had to stay and quarantine for 2 weeks. Fortunately crossing three states in three days was a normal trip for us.


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