Capricorn Dancers, Day 77 – A quick screw during dinner

Day 77 Wednesday 11/8/21 Mulambin, showers

Showers are intermittent but regardless we plan an outdoor dinner. A walk on the beach is worthwhile, not for the stiff breeze but for the black cockatoos I find munching the fruit of the Beach Almonds.

Meanwhile our mate Silicon lives up to his nickname and repairs our dodgy dining table with…silicon. This table had been knocked asunder during a particularly rough drive down the flood ravaged and pot holed Bruce Highway back in 2016 . We’d been horrified to find our café style fold up table lying spreadeagled on the floor when we had arrived at this very park. A local repair guy had bunged in a couple of screws to see us home and they had held very well for 5 years.

Dinner underway and with a lot of toing and froing El Prado cooks a beef roast on the Weber, Double or Nuthin’ does the spuds and we endeavour to cook 3 trays of roasted vegetables in our oven on the other side of the park. Except…the gas goes out, obviously just after we leave the van. VeeWee who has driven her RV over from her caravan park gets a call from the fridge repairer with whom she had booked a repair. She’s outside our park, on the other side of the road, blowing steam out her ears at paying $50 to get a screw tightened. After 20 minutes of hilarity, we realise that our gas has gone out. El Prado tries to slow the beef, we play musical chairs with the oven and the microwave and the rain thumps down forcing us to move 2 tables and 9 chairs hard up against the van and out of the rain that is now running off the awning. Ah, the joys of eating outdoors. In the end everything works out, the weather clears and dinner is delicious.

Much later and back in the van I glance at my phone and discover that I walked / ran 2kms back and forth across the park just cooking those damned vegies.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Hello Cocky!
Zeroing in on a snack

Note: The Beach Almonds are stunningly beautiful trees, when we first arrived here in July their huge leaves were green and now they are turning to their winter red.

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