Capricorn Dancers, Days 81 & 82 – Plovers & picnics & picky birds

Day 81 Sunday 15/8/21 Mulambin, sunny 22

We have a heavy shower of rain at dawn and then a lovely day. Once more the vans around us disappear. They’ll soon be replaced by more.

We hear the good news that El Prado’s brother (one of the many) has traversed New South Wales from Hebel to Bourke and down to Tocumwal in the required 24 hours. He was stopped at the Victorian border for a permit and address check only. That’s promising.

Woody suggests a sausage sizzle for Monday night and thus we go in search of a suitable location. We find some delightful little parks but the one that really fits the bill with BBQ’s, toilets, a view and a sheltered location is Bluff Point

Accom 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Day 82 Monday 16/8/21 Mulambin, glorious, sunny 23

Double or Nuthin’ and Silicon play 18 holes of golf while Woody and El Prado go in search of food (of course). They return with a bag of snags for tonight’s BBQ.

I head off to Emu Park for a much needed but regrettable haircut (that I hope will suffice through lockdown when we get home) after which I take a walk around town because it’s too beautiful not to. Down near the boat ramp there’s a lot of loud screeching which is attracting people and thus more screeching. A pair of plovers have decided to take their little brood of 3 fluffy chicks out walking… on the footpath and roadway. Plovers seem to always court disaster when it comes to parenting and this family is no different. Here they are shepherding the chicks along the gutter and thankfully there aren’t many cars about.

Plover playtime…in the gutter
What a cutie

Down on the beach a man cheerily waves to me as he’s driving his boat along the sand. Yep, the boat is called Sealegs and it has retractable wheels. Pretty soon he has a bunch of curious onlookers.

A boat with legs, that does make sense

We pile into the cars and converge on Bluff Point picnic area. The mozzies are bad. Like helicopters, but we all lather up. The boys cook the snags and we eat them in bread while the turkeys try to steal our bags and kookas laugh in the trees above us. The view is superb and the snags are good.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Just a few more well placed pecks and it’ll be pick & nick
A perfect view for a picnic

10 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Days 81 & 82 – Plovers & picnics & picky birds

      1. I think you’ll like this one….on election days charity groups (scouts and the like) set up outside polling booths. They bbq sausages and sell them wrapped in a slice of white bread. This has become known as a ‘Democracy Sausage’. With our casual attitude to politics and politicians I often wonder if people are more excited about the sausage than which ‘team’ will win.

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