Capricorn Dancers, Days 87 & 88 – Moon rise over Mulambin

Day 87 Saturday 21/8/21 Mulambin, Sunny 23

Shit! I suddenly realise that I’ve forgotten to colour my newly cut hacked hair. Waving bleach, colour and cling wrap around while chatting with M about the wonders of Dyson Stick Vacuums and how much I’m missing mine, I get the colour totally wrong. I end up looking like mutton dressed up as lamb. At least it’s a good chance to clean the van’s pipes and shower with the excess hair bleach though.

With hair a ridiculous shade of brown we head into town, Yeppoon, for a farewell lunch at Waterfront Bar & Grill as Silicon & MV will be leaving tomorrow. It’s a huge meal and when Shirley Temple orders 2 courses we wonder where she’ll put it all. Woody and I are both longing for a seafood basket and our prayers are answered. It’s delicious and probably artery clogging deadly. Out front the sun is shining, the sea front is a riot of colour and busy.

VeeWee is out west now in Roma and heading in the right direction.

NSW Covid cases are in the 800’s, Victoria’s is 61. Sadly, there are lockdown riots in Sydney and Melbourne.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Day 88 Sunday 22/8/21 Mulambin, sunny

Silicon & MV head off for a few more days with the family before heading south. After much walking around the park assessing the virtues of each site we book one here for next year at $43, it’s very good value. Always having been ones to laugh at those who go to the same place every year we never would have dreamed of holidaying in one place for 6 weeks let alone repeating the booking! We must be getting old.

We’re still unsure of how long we’ll stay in Qld before crossing the border.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Moonrise over Mulambin

5 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Days 87 & 88 – Moon rise over Mulambin

  1. We’ve decided that next year, assuming firstly that we can go traveling, and secondly that places aren’t booked out, we’ll find some spots to stay for at least a week. We’ve never done that before so I guess we’re getting?? old too!

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