Capricorn Dancers, Day 94 – A Feeling of Space

Day 94 Saturday 28/8/21 Roma, clear 2 – 27

Ah the joy of a 2nd day, we have a lazy morning and Woody cooks eggs for his breakfast. We pop into town and buy socks (you can never have enough on the road) and a small folding kitchen funnel, what a great idea and I can already see a couple of cubic centimetres of van space saved. Space for the socks, I guess. Lured once more to the Ace Drapers #2 we buy some quirky placemats for raffle prizes at our caravan club’s Christmas Muster. Now we just have to hope that there’ll be a Christmas muster. Perhaps we’re being optimistic.

Elle shoves a very large chicken into the air fryer and while it does its thing we wander over to the clubrooms for a happy hour drink. We meet a cheeky bunch of folks who’ve just come down from Lawn Hill National Park up in the Gulf. Damn, that’s a place we’ve never managed to get to. The view from the clubrooms here is wondrous, you can’t see very far but you know that what’s beyond that rise is more of the same for miles. I know, that doesn’t make much sense, but the view here is more of a feeling than an actual view.

That was a tight squeeze
Roma Clay Target Range. It’s the feeling of space out here.

Back to dinner, while the chook rests, Elle throws par boiled spuds into the air fryer and we put pumpkin in ours and before we can say Jack Robinson we’ve got a delicious roast dinner.

Accom: 25.00

Towing Kms: 0

Who needs a 5star restaurant when you’ve got a this …and a chook

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