Museums and Tours – Mallacoota

Museums and tours are never a waste of money and sometimes, small out of the way museums have a better handle on curation than the big ones. The subject matter just grabs you and sucks you into a topic you never thought existed. Like sheep washing for example, but that’s another story.

The first museum we visited on our caravanning adventures was the underground RAAF bunker at Mallacoota. The bunker was built for the air surveillance of Bass Strait during World War Two. At the time that we visited we were oblivious to the attacks on shipping in Bass Strait and that many allied ships had been lost in the area during the war. Not long after our visit to Mallacoota, we attended the funeral of an old friend and discovered that he had been one of only two survivors of a Merchant Navy ship that was sunk off Mallacoota in the early days of the war.

Sunrise over Bass Strait and Mallacoota
The underground RAAF bunker museum at Mallacoota

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