Signs of Life

When you’re on the road that Aussie humour is never far away. Whether we are trying to fathom the naming of O’ Bil Bil Rd, a town called Banana or laughing at the sign telling us not to flush our broken dreams down a particular public toilet there’s always something to give us a giggle. My hearty thanks go to all you silly buggers out there who’ve put pen to paper or paintbrush to a sign just to brighten our day.

On RV’s

Making the most before the last post.

Home is where we park it.

In toilets and there’s barely a caravan park toilet without a quirky sign

Dont put the lid down, pick up the brush! (Succinct but it seems a lot of folk have literacy issues)

When these toilets are closed use the ones in the LOINS PARK…..well it is where you bare your loins I suppose. (Tin Can Bay, Qld)

Stop… Have you turned the light OFF?

Lights attract BUGS

Bugs attract FROGS

Frogs attract SNAKES

Please turn the lights OFF

And shut the door…

Thanks… (Roma, Qld)

And a more philosophical toilet sign in Morven, Qld

If you are afraid to live your life

because you might die

then you have already died.

The roadside billboards in NSW and Qld are a blot on the landscape but certainly a tonic for weary drivers.

“Hey tosser, fines apply”

Bill Board the salesman that never sleeps” (an oldie but a goodie)

On the NSW Mid Coast:

“Your missus called bring home some hay”

Then around the next bend:

“Hay, Straw Mulch”

Of Business and Business Names

Halal Hot Dogs 

Decayslayer (Dentist in Childers)

Gunsmoke (gun shop in Bathurst, NSW)

Slightly Bent Books (on the corner of Camp Street, Talbot, Vic)

T.E Parsley Fruit and vegetables (Clunes, Vic)

 Lorne Greens (Lorne, Vic

Melon Cauli (fruiterer in Mudgee, NSW)

I’m a sign builder, not a sign reader

Young guns and ammunition (Young, NSW)

Derby or bust (Lingerie shop in Derby, WA)

The beer from up here (Great Northern Brewing)

In pubs, in the city the sign always says “No shirt, no shoes, no service” but things are different in the bush

No shirt, no shoes, no problem

Out in the bush

            “Worn Out West” (Western clothing, Newell Highway, NSW)

“We like our lizards frilled not grilled.” (Derby, WA where there are a lot of frill necked lizards)

“Free range, fair trade horse poo” (Koorwingiegaboora, Vic)

             Pimpley Squash (Taree, NSW Is it a vege or teenage acne?)

Farms not gas

No coal seam gas (On Black stump way, NSW)

“Please keep this gate shut” says the sign affixed to the gate near the roadhouse on the Stuart Highway, SA. But wait a minute there is no fence!

And around town

 The Home of Sir Hubert Opperman (Rochester, Vic)

It’s not a hangover, it’s wine flu (Apollo Bay, Vic)

             “Kids from Derby District High School thank you mob for putting ufellas line in da bin” (Derby wharf a popular fishing spot)

Well I guess cane toads do look like aliens

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