Red Dirt, Day 13 – Time to downsize?

Thursday November 1st 2012, Echuca to Yarrawonga

It rains heavily during breakfast. Because we’re in a large town we venture out for a coffee, we find a place that advertises barista training, so we give them a try, sadly it is only passable. We stock up on supplies for the upcoming weekend in Corowa with our friends and family. We find a caravan repair place on the Melbourne Road and they fix the awning in a half hour. Echuca was a valuable pit stop.

We’re back on the road at 1:15pm and it’s a pleasant drive through wheat fields and stone fruit orchards to Cobram where we stop at the bakery for a quick ‘sugar fix’ coffee scroll. Off we go again and it’s only a short drive to Yarrawonga where we check into the Yarrawonga Holiday Park for the night.

We choose a drive through site so that we don’t have to unhitch, which makes things even easier. This is a grassy treed park run by the local community and all profits go back to promoting the area. The amenities are top notch and the staff members are friendly and helpful. There are funny little birds that beg for food, they aren’t parrots, or at least they don’t have parrot like beaks, but they wander about the grass chatting to themselves. We walk into town, which is only about 500 metres away and have a look at the shops and the lake. As we are crossing the road a woman reverses her car into Woody, thankfully he isn’t hurt. We are amused that the local Ford dealer has more mobility scooters in his showroom than cars and even the cars are small ones, Yarrawonga must have an ageing population. After dinner we settle down to watch Midnight in Paris as we can’t get any TV reception.

Yarrawonga (Source: WikiCamps)

2021 Note: I wonder if those talkative little birds were Apostle birds?

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