Tocumwal, Day 9 – Euroa and a few lessons in renovation & restoration

Day 9, Wednesday 1st December 2021, Lower Moira to Euroa, humid 30

Silicon the convincer, convinces us to take the scenic route along the Murray into Echuca before heading south to Euroa. “Just turn right and right again and pick up the bitumen.” It was 40 bloody k’s before we picked up the bitumen! Ok, there were a couple of nice views down long reaches of the river but the road was too busy and dusty for us to even stop and admire them.

Echuca is as busy as all get out, so we turn south. VeeWee is feeling a bit off colour so she heads for home. The road takes us down through Girgarre and we stop in to check out the new sound shell that has been built thanks to the Girgarre Moosic Festivals that are held here every summer. At Murchison East we get stuck at road works and must detour almost to Nagambie before hitting the dirt again. At least we get to see great clouds of dust in the paddocks as the canola is being harvested.

The Euroa Caravan Park is looking a treat and we get nice grassy sites on the north side of the creek. Walking into town admiring the homes and gardens is a joy. Gosh this is a pretty little town. Green lawns flank the creek and the houses are loved. In town we buy a couple of mushroom pies and walk up to the Euroa Hotel and cross under the railway line to the derelict North Eastern Hotel on De Boos St. Great address for a pub.

By now Woody has a sore throat so we buy a Rapid Covid Test Kit just to be on the safe side. We sit in the sun waiting for the little line to appear and yippee he’s not pregnant and he’s Covid negative!

That out of the way, Toothless drives us over to see the restored Euroa Butter Factory (1901). A large three storey brick building it has been softened by an abundant cottage garden which would be a wedding photographer’s delight. The place now runs as a boutique hotel and function centre. Dashing across town we have a thoroughly good look at the shambles that is the North Eastern Hotel and discover that despite it’s state the corner bar is still in operation and serving icy cold beer. We learn that the pub was built in 1889 at a cost of £9000 and with 48 rooms was one of the largest hotels outside of Melbourne at the time. We’ve been in some funny old pubs but this one really takes the cake. Bits of walls have been stripped off and bits of floor has been sanded, water pipe hangs mid-air. It’s going to cost a small fortune to fix this place up but would certainly be worth the effort.

Exploring done, we walk across the road to the conveniently located Seven Creeks Hotel for dinner. Because that is why we’re here. We’ve dined here 4 times now and every meal has been excellent. A sudden cool change sends leaves and twigs flying and us running back to the vans. It’s hot, blustery and thunderous.

Accom: $36.00

Towing Kms: 160Kms

The Seven Creeks Hotel, Euroa. This is how it’s done.


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