A Marlo Muster, time for reflection

Day 11 Wednesday 23/2/22 Yinnar to Home

Yinnar street art – the car and surfboard are completely covered in mirror shards

We wake to a quiet foggy morning. We park in the main street and the lollipop lady kindly stops the traffic (The Prado’s) so I can cross to Café 3869 for a coffee. And good coffee it is as they roast their own beans. It seems that all the cars that were last night parked outside the pub are now outside the café and primary school.

Yesterday’s paddock view has gone
Caravans in the mist

Once more we join the M1 traffic heading towards Melbourne and the car groans and complains. We’re pretty sure we’ve had the same problem on this same stretch of road before. It’s time to iron out this problem once and for all.

Oh, and before I go, you know the leftover parmi? Well, there was enough left to make 3 jaffles for dinner.

Towing Kms: 142kms

Trip Summary

11 days, 10 nights

Distance 925Kms

Accom: $224.00

Fuel: $255.15

Map Source: WikiCamps

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