Palm Beach, Qld

Day 7, Friday March 22nd Palm Beach

The weather is warm and steamy, very steamy with intermittent showers, phew! Woody the Elder and the Very Good Golfer join us for lunch in the caravan park under the shade of the awning. We notice that a leak has appeared in the caravan roof which is not surprising with the amount of rain that we’ve had over the past week.

After a walk on Palm Beach (or what is left of it after the recent cyclone), we grab a refreshing swim in the park pool. Dinner tonight is at home on the deck at Mudgeeraba. It is a lovely warm evening. Under the pretense of babysitting The Very Good Golfer slips out to pick up son ‘C’ from the airport as a huge surprise for our septuagenarian. We drive home via Surfers Paradise to see the lights and enjoy the buzz of this vibrant city. The Gold Coast Highway from Broadbeach to Surfers is being ripped up for the installation of a light rail system, when finished this will be a great improvement. 

Heavy weather has been chewing up the beach

3 thoughts on “Palm Beach, Qld

    1. Nah, it’s the Aussie Palm Beach, the one in sunny Queensland not the one in Sydney either. And we were visiting at the tail end of the wet season. Even better in the dry which is lovely and warm and coincides with your summer.

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