Where to next?

Day 19, Easter 2013 Tarnagulla to Home

Towing Kms: 240Kms

And that’s it in a nutshell (Map Source: WikiCamps)


4555 kilometres

13.8 litres per 100 kms (Ford Territory)

Lessons learned

The Hume Highway is excellent except for a short section at Holbrook. There are plenty of good rest stops with toilets.

The Pacific Highway is only duplicated to Port Macquarie after that it switches back and forth from double to single until Byron Bay. There are plenty of good rest stops with toilets.

The Cunningham Highway is a single carriageway, it is bumpy and patched. Thankfully the best part is over the Cunningham Gap. There are few rest areas and toilets are a rarity, why would you need them?

The Newell Highway, considering that it traverses the whole of the state of NSW and is used by trucks as a shortcut, is only a single carriageway. It is in better condition than the Cunningham but the road edges are not ideal. Rest stops are a long way apart and toilets are rare.

2022 Notes: Thankfully most of these roads are much better now. The Holbrook section of the Hume Highway has been completed and the Pacific Highway is now a much safer road than it was and with animal crossings over and under the highway to reduce those hazards too. All three highways are busy and when we can we do like to use the Kidman which is further west and quieter. When it comes to toilets at rest areas though, I’m so glad we have our own these days as not all rest areas have toilets, and often when they do they are foul. On many occasions, I’ve scampered back to the van shouting “I think I’ll use ours!”.

Upon Reflection, it was a very fast trip

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