Goldfields to Ovens Valley – Mt Franklin

Day 1, Monday 6th Jan 2014 Melbourne – Mt Franklin

We leave home in the afternoon heading into a fierce north-westerly wind. We anxiously tow the new van along Eastlink, the Monash, over the Westgate bridge, and onto the Western Highway. This is the first trip with the new van ‘Priscilla’ so it will be somewhat of a shakedown trip to find out how all of the new gadgets work. Being the Xmas holidays, the traffic is fairly heavy so it is a relief to take the Daylesford turn off. About 7kms out of Daylesford on the Midland Highway and we’re there.

Mt Franklin looks like a pine-covered pimple rising out of a yellow wheat field. The road corkscrews up and around the small extinct volcano and suddenly we find ourselves in the shelter of the crater. It is a wooded garden, a place we’ve heard so much about. The campsites are well marked on the grassed areas and deciduous trees shelter us. The crater rim blocks out the harsh summer wind and we feel like we’ve just found a secret place. 

Towing Kms: 177Kms

Mt Franklin Reserve, Vic
The perfect spot for a quiet night, Mt Franklin

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