Breakdown Blues – Day 14 – Fancy meeting you here

Day 14 Saturday 18/6/2022 Narromine to Narrabri, 7 – 20 yes 20

There’s a nip in the air as we set off but, we’re obviously rusty at this caravan caper. We get a few kms down the road when we notice something flapping on the passenger side of the van. Oh bugger, it’s the cover on the power point. Off we go again and then Woody notices something flapping on the other side, did I close the kitchen window after we removed the park TV cable? Of course not.

Morning sun highlights millions of spider webs on the heads of tall roadside grasses. Paddocks are well tended and there are crops of sorghum. Trying to avoid the city of Dubbo we find ourselves doing circles. It doesn’t help that our CB radio cable has dropped out and when El Prado stops to tell us 2 cute dogs race out of a farm driveway and pee on his wheels.

We pick up the Newell Highway again and head north into bright sunshine and what I like to call ‘Hallelujah Land’ where someone has been busy putting signs on trees declaring “Jesus died for all”. What is it about this highway? We’re also in the land of clear skies and seriously important telescopes and we spot a large telescope array just north of Dubbo.

At Gilgandra we stop to top up the fuel tanks as we need to keep the Prado’s No.1 tank full. We’re also super aware of fuel prices this trip as prices have gone through the roof. Thus, we’re watching our speed closely and the Fuel Spy app for pricing.

The Warrumbungles are jagged domes on the horizon. This is sheep country. There are some long slow climbs as we skirt the range and there are far too many potholes from recent rains.

Stopping at the Coonabarabran Info Centre and picnic area. Elle has made little quiches in the pie maker and El Prado heats them on the BBQ hot plate. While we eat lunch we chat with a motorbike riding chimney sweep who moved here from Newcastle during Covid.

Up through the Pilliga Forest for the next stage and the updraft of a passing truck sends our driver’s side towing mirror skyward. We radio The Prado’s who are ahead to find us a  wide enough pullover spot to readjust the mirror. And, speaking of pullovers, it’s 19 degrees with a clear blue sky and we’re peeling off our jumpers. Which is no surprise when we realise that we’ve crossed what we call the Coffs Line. We always find that we start stripping when we cross the Coffs Harbour parallel, ie about 30 degrees South.

The Narrabri Showgrounds are large and there are about 40 caravans and motor homes already camped here. We search for a vacant power pole and pull up. Lo and behold we are right beside friends D & R and this is the 4th time we’ve run into them while on the road!

Woody goes for a walk to iron out the kinks from driving while I suddenly get the urge to knock up a quick bolognaise sauce before also having a wander around these rather interesting Showgrounds. People are walking horses and parrots bathe in muddy puddles, young girls are playing netball because it’s Saturday.

Narrabri Showgrounds camping area
Young rosella having a dip
I’ll swear that the galah on the right is checking himself out….”Hmmm feathers in order, gosh I’m a good lookin’ rooster”
Checking the horses, Narrabri Showgrounds

We have a lot of catching up to do at happy hour, where we’re all headed and where we’ve been since we last met, until the sun sets in an orange glow.

Accom: $20.00 (power, water, toilets, showers, dump point) Neatly mowed, pleasant spot.

Fuel: $51.46

Towing Kms: 312kms

Sunset at Narrabri
Narrabri, NSW (Map Source: WikiCamps)

6 thoughts on “Breakdown Blues – Day 14 – Fancy meeting you here

  1. Fun to read the start of your post. Today we had a Roma van and vehicle overtake us on the Pacific Highway as we headed south. We flashed them but they kept on going – with one of their windows flapping about!


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