Breakdown Blues, Day 13 – When Plan A goes to B to C and back to A

Day 13 Friday 17/6/2022 Narromine, cloudy 6 – 13

It’s nice to wake to a mild morning. The boys run into DubboToyota and are told that the problem is ‘in loose terms’ that the car is not pumping fuel from the 2nd tank (which has about 450kms worth of fuel in it). If our mate El keeps the first tank topped up the car will be ok to drive. Hey, hang on, does that mean that technically they ran out of fuel? Yep. Well, I’ll be buggered!

Thus, after mulling over umpteen different scenarios and plans it is decided that we continue on to Yeppoon with 2 rules, fill up in every major town and stick to A roads! Remember that Stick to A roads, not the back roads!

Our moods lift. Woody finds a gourmet food outlet and returns with Lamb and Rosemary sausage rolls which we work off with a long walk around town. Cricketer Glenn McGrath grew up in Narromine which is an agricultural centre with a population of around 3,500. We are intrigued by the style of the older houses here.

Glenn McGrath statue at Narromine, NSW

We learn that we can now use the one electric hot plate on our Swift stoves, another bonus for the day. I cook a casserole for dinner, a Coq au Vin with a big slurp of Griffith Chardonnay, or is that ‘Love in a Lorry’ as they call it on MasterChef? With her stove out of action Elle too is baking, quiche in the pie maker. When time allows, I find it a really pleasurable experience cooking in the caravan and there’s always a different view out the window.

Accom: $35.00


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