Breakdown Blues, Day 16 – Meeting a Mankiller

Day 16 Monday 20/6/2022 Yelarbon, sunny 7 – 21

It’s a warm morning and Woody is up early to do the washing in the little garden shed. While the washing dries, we all sit around reading in the sun. It’s one of those places where people just wander about chatting. The quiet is broken when the lady manager bellows ”Who left the lid up?” Elle and I both look sheepish; we’ve forgotten the QLD rule of closing the toilet lid to keep the frogs out.

We walk around town, and I meet S who is scooting about on her mobility scooter. She’s a retired art teacher and she takes me back to her home as she has a great view of the painted silos. We sit and chat for half an hour and I learn a lot about the town and her three marriages. Her first husband was bitten by a death adder, the second drank too much and the third also died. “I’m a mankiller” she says with a twinkle in her eye. Thanks for a lovely morning S, you are priceless.

Yelarbon painted silos

On another walk around town, I find an unusual water tower that is worthy of a sketch. The chap who lives opposite tells me that they had poor water pressure here until the tower was built, then all their pipes blew as it was too strong.

Yelarbon water tower

We decide to stay a third night and as it seems that accommodation is tight this year, we book ahead for Kenilworth Showgrounds. We have happy hour in the BBQ shelter and watch kangaroos feeding on the other side of the old pony club arena.

Dinner is a recipe that was in today’s newspaper and it turns out to be a keeper. The mushroom risotto cakes are made in the pie maker using instant rice. God, we love instant rice when we’re on the road.

Accom: $20.00

Yelarbon war memorial
Yelarbon lagoon

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