Breakdown Blues, Day 17 – Relishing Yelarbon

Day 17 Tuesday 21/6/2022 Yelarbon, sunny 21

We have a lazy morning relishing in the relaxation of a day without the need to get up early.

We feed the ducks and walk into town to buy some homemade cakes and jams from Granny’s shop. We meet and chat with a few more locals and are sent across the road to see the tribute to the Dingo Fence. Yelarbon was where the original fence ended. In fact, it ran from the Great Australian Bight in South Australia up to Cloncurry in Western Queensland and down to Yelarbon. It was 8320kms in length. Now that’s a fence.

Yelarbon Lagoon
Dingo Fence recreation at Yelarbon

Even though we find plenty to do for a 3 night stopover Yelarbon is a very small town. There were only 364 residents at the 2016 census. There’s a pub, post office, general store, and of course the goodies from Granny Murphy’s Craft Shop.

There’s a small museum at the RV camp and there are pleasant short walks around the park. Wading birds, egret, and ibis abound. Elle even spots a pair of brolgas. Old mate MW sends a message telling us to check out the Yelarbon Desert Trail, I nip over there but the trail is under water and after talking with S about Death Adders I’m keeping even further away from long grass.

This old harvester has seen better days
Railway Line at Yelarbon with silos in the distance
A patch of wetland

We’ve really loved this little town, we’ve chatted with so many people and we didn’t even get to the pub. These little towns always have so much to offer the travellers who aren’t in a hurry. The boys cook on the BBQ. We have pork chops with vegetables that are roasted in the pie maker. We’re not really starving without our stove. And before I go, the corn relish from Granny’s shop is amazing.

Accom: $20.00

Yelarbon wetland

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