Breakdown Blues, Day 29 – Gympie floods

Day 29 Sunday 3/7/2022, Kandanga, sunny but expectant 11 – 22

The sun is shining and the puddles are drying. The Prado’s drive down to the Sunshine Coast hospital to visit the brother who has had a suspected heart attack.

We go shopping in Gympie and asparagus are now down to $2 per bunch but they’re coming from Mexico! We buy a couple of DVD series as we don’t have TV reception at Kandanga. After we leave the shopping centre, we visit the CBD. Gympie is a steep hilly town serviced by the Mary River, but, the main Mary Street is located in one of the deep valleys. Of course, it suffered badly in the recent floods. We estimate that 2/3 of the shops are now empty and slowly being repaired. We speak with a couple who are painting a shop. She tells us that this shop lost its ceiling, but the Queenslander Hotel next door had water halfway up the second floor. Many windows and walls have a coating of muddy grime. It’s heartbreaking to see, yet the woman up the ladder reckons they should have the cleanup finished in time for the next flood!

Mary Street, Gympie, Qld
War Memorial laneway in Gympie
That’s mud on the shop windows
We’re told the floodwaters rose halfway up the top floor of this hotel

The afternoon turns cool and we have drinks inside the van. We cook pork schnitzels in the trusty old air fryer with microwaved potatoes and asparagus and the remainder of the creamy mushroom sauce from a few nights ago. Yeah, I know we shouldn’t have bought the asparagus. We settle in for a few episodes of Yellowstone, gee they’re a gun-crazy bunch.

Accom: $20.00

A perfect spot at Kandanga Bowls
And a nice spot for a sit

13 thoughts on “Breakdown Blues, Day 29 – Gympie floods

  1. I refuse to buy Mexican asparagus. I might have been seen searching through the pile of mexican asparagus at our Coles last week, searching for the last few spears of Kimberley grown asparagus!

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