Breakdown Blues – Day 30 – Having a hairy on Mary

Day 30 Monday 4/7/2022 Kandanga, rain 9 – 13

The rain started again during the night. We drive into Gympie in search of a quick haircut for yours truly. I drop Woody off at the shopping centre and drive over the hill into the CBD. This town has streets that are reminiscent of Dunedin (home of the world’s steepest street) and at times it’s impossible to see the road ahead as it drops away at such a steep angle. Mary Street is one way, so I take another in search of a parking spot. Blimey, not only do the streets have ups and downs but the camber is frightening and I find myself leaning towards the passenger seat as if I’m riding a bike.

Mary Street is busy today and there are a lot of tradies working on flood repairs. I get a walk-in hair appointment for a quick $30 ‘seniors trim’ and I see that for a mere $50 I could add a nose piercing as well!

The afternoon is cold and wet, and we stay indoors. A call to Yeppoon and we score an earlier booking up there, but we have to hope that the weather improves as at Yeppoon it is wetter and only 12 degrees, and they’re situated on the Tropic of Capricorn.

To get out of the vans we have drinks in the clubhouse, it’s cosy and we meet two ladies, unknown to each other but both from the Shepparton area. The manager tells us about her other business which is conducting country pub crawls to the Birdsville Races. With stops at more than 20 pubs it sounds like a hoot.

For us tonight it’s pork schnitzel burgers and another dose of shoot ‘em up at Yellowstone, while the rain continues to fall.

Accom: $20.00

Kandanga’s double bridge

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