Breakdown Blues – Day 38 – Goovigen again

Day 38 Tuesday 12/7/2022 Goovigen, 4 – 20 sunny, cloud building

A quiet cosy night, although Elle said she was woken by “Goodbyes” in the night, someone must have had visitors. (Yes, even free campers sometimes have visitors).

The local teacher pops in with a couple of kids in tow. The school, at the back of this park, only has 18 children. They are doing a project on how they can improve the RV Park and ask us for ideas for things that the kids themselves can be involved in. After all the park is the only business in town.

The boys top up the diesel heater tanks with El Prado’s spare fuel and Woody locates and fixes our heater problem.

Disused Goovigen Railway Line
A typical shady and cool ‘Queenslander’ Goovigen. Note the many windows to control the breeze, wide overhang for shade, and plenty of air flow underneath.

We all take walks around the town. The local dogs (Rooster, Buster, and Albert, and their mates) are all on alert, but barking brings their owners out and a chance to say ‘G’day’. The post office is open for 3 hours daily and one lady tells Woody that all you can spend your money on in this town is a stamp.

Old shops
The once busy Goovigen Railway Station is home to swallows now

While we’re wandering happily around town one of the campers has collapsed and his friends have taken him to Biloela Hospital to be airlifted to Brisbane. The details of which we learn when sitting around the campfire with the other campers who are minding his little dog.

Meeting other travellers around the fire

We have pork sausages, boiled potatoes, and polish off the fried rice for dinner while watching the TV news…”The rainforest walk in the Emerald gardens has been roped off due to the number of deceased flying foxes.” Gosh, that poses a few questions.

Accom: $5.00

By the way: Our mate Toothless and his Missus are wintering in Broome and the poor buggers have caught Covid. We received a text from Toothless telling us that they’ve almost finished isolating. He’d been sleeping with his mask on when the Missus got crook but to no avail (crikey, have they forgotten that they’re living in a caravan). Now Toothless has sore ears as well as Covid.


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    1. It’s such a fascinating subject Peter. I think cars make it easier for people to do a bigger, cheaper shop in the next town. Also in farming communities as people retire their properties are absorbed by others. Thus larger farms less people and of course the work is now more mechanised.

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