Breakdown Blues – Day 40 – Settling In

July 2022, Mulambin, Qld

Now we’ve arrived at our destination we’ll be taking it easy in the sun for many weeks and I don’t want to bore you to snorts with descriptions of shopping trips and daily weather reports. Don’t fret, but the posts will be less frequent with just a few snippets of what we’ve been doing, after all, you must give a beachcomber time to comb beaches. So here goes:

That was the warmest night we’ve had on this trip. It was so warm that Elle woke up in a sweat and thought she had Covid. She went into a spin trying to count back the days and places that we’d been to work out where she’d caught. Feather doonas can do that to you.

Woody is up early to put the washing on and beat the ‘laundry Nazi’s’ to the washing machines and lines. Laundry Nazis? Those women who consider washing to be woman’s work and snarl whenever a man enters the laundry.

The views of the Capricorn Coast in the early morning are ‘balm for the soul’, the sun sparkling on blue water, and palm trees ruffling in the breeze.

Gee it’s nice to have bare feet.

I’m preparing a birthday dinner for Woody, his favourite, which is an acquired taste, Lup Yuk using Chinese dried pork. I drag the rice cooker out from under the bed, toss in the rice and water, give it a swirl with my finger, and, as I reach the power point, I realise that we’re currently, unpowered. Bugger, where’s the saucepan?

It’s 3:58pm. I’m standing in the bathroom trying to put on a pair of jeans for happy hour as it gets cold here when the sun drops behind the hill. How odd it is that we forgot to put a ramp out to level the van, we’re on quite a lean. I have one foot jammed behind the bathroom sliding door and I’m balancing between the toilet and the shower, the fruit bowl, and a wok. Blimey!

It’s rugby league State of Origin time (Qld vs NSW) and the locals are just a little excited

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