Breakdown Blues – Day 41 – Confusing beach birds

Day 41 Friday 15/7/2022 Mulambin, sunny light breeze 11 – 22

We’re up early this morning and surprisingly without hangovers, in anticipation of moving to our pre-booked site. The park is very busy so we’re glad to have booked before leaving last year. When the site occupants and the ones behind them leave we are able to drive straight through onto our site and set things up a little more permanently than we have for the last 5 weeks.

Lunch in the sun is divine. Woody washes the dust off the car in Yeppoon while I take a long walk on Mulambin beach. I say long as this is a very long beach, it’s almost an optical illusion and when the tide is at its lowest, it’s so wide that it feels like a kilometre just to reach the water. There have recently been quite high tides with the water up in the dune grasses. People are walking dogs and riding bikes on the hard sand. I find a couple of cowries, a white-bellied sea eagle soars overhead, or is it an osprey or a brahminy kite? These birds are going to require much closer study.

Good flat and hard sand perfect for walking

Accom: $38.00 (Powered site with NRMA Member Discount)

Fuel: $79.04 (225.7 c/l)

The brown spots and colouring is from the millions of tiny balls created by sand bubbler crabs as they feed
Beach art by sand bubbler crabs with a sea dollar

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