Breakdown Blues – Day 45 – Masking up & juggling spuds

July 2022, Mulambin, Qld

A trip to Yeppoon is a chance for me to organise a doctor’s appointment for next week. There’s much kerfuffle going on about mask-wearing but out of force of habit, we wear them in shops and avoid crowds as much as possible ‘cos we’re old buggers. It’s good to see the two doctor’s receptionists wearing masks but one is wearing hers on her chin like a blue beard. The other thankfully has a tight-fitting mask because she is coughing much more than one should these days.

There’s a fabulous octopus in town. It’s draped realistically over a park bench and at Lammermoor Beach there’s another new art installation…a bunch of blue soldier crabs has passersby captivated.

We drive around the northern areas of town Barlow’s Hill, Pacific Heights, large, modern homes with stunning views.

On the road to the Capricorn Resort, we find a small enclave called Bangalee. Just a couple of streets but all either fronting the beach or a house or two back from it. A beach lover’s paradise.

El Prado brings back some sweet local pineapples and we cook slices with ham steaks. Yum. But as I open the microwave door to check on the potatoes, one flies out and does a somersault on the bed before hitting the floor. You just can’t have that kind of fun at home.


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