Breakdown Blues – Day 44 – Assessing the Toyota, twice

July 2022, Mulambin, Qld

El Prado and Woody take the Prado into the Yeppoon Toyota dealer for the repairs to the fuel tank pump problem that caused the breakdown in Narromine.

After lunch Woody sets off to walk back into Yeppoon, something that he’s wanted to do for quite some time. While walking I notice a woman who looks like she’s having sex with the invisible man on the beach. As I pass her, I chance another glance, and this time she seems to be using an invisible squat toilet whilst praying. I reckon calling out “G’day!” Is out of the question. Remind me not to take up yoga will you?

El Prado rings the Toyota dealer at 4:00pm and is told that the assessment has been done. He is not happy considering that he had given them the written assessment from Dubbo Toyota. We drive into Yeppoon and pick up the unrepaired car and a worn-out Woody.

Main Beach, Yeppoon

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