Breakdown Blues – Days 47 & 48 – Dead stuff and a good lunch

July 2022, Mulambin, Qld 26mm rain then clearing

Wet drizzly weather, we decide to go to the supermarket just to get out of the van. It seems that all of Yeppoon have the same idea. The one difference is that most people are now wearing masks.

Mates B1 & B2 from the West arrive on their annual big lap. I don’t know how they do it. At the rate that we travel these days, it would take us 3 years to do one lap of the country.

We cook a piece of pork in the air fryer and in our usual haste, remove it too soon. Another 20 minutes and it’s delicious and it has crackling.

When the weather clears, I find a large fish, 2 jellyfish, and a snake, all dead on the beach.

We have lunch at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club. As always, the meal is excellent. The red emperor has firm flesh, chunky and tasty. The view is priceless, with sand below us and the Keppels on the horizon. Of these, Pumpkin Island was listed as the world’s 6th most expensive private island in 2012 on Wikipedia. We eat our lunch as people stroll the beach below and small waves curl in.

A curlew has taken up residence in our garden. It has been silently standing sentinel for hours until El Prado arrives and it suddenly starts hissing at him. I guess that’s what you call having a hissy fit.

We have a long and funny happy hour and El Prado tells us that he’s been erecting their clothesline, upside down. Not possessing a caravan washing machine or clothesline I doubt we’d notice if it was even sideways.

The silent sentinel

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